10 Questions in The New Age

October 30, 2013 | Posted By [dot]GOOD

MICHAEL Baretta is managing director of [dot]GOOD, a branding-for-good marketing agency in South Africa.

1. What is at the top of your to do list?
New business!

2. What is your business focus right now?
One of the advantages of having a young business is the freedom to be able to experiment and to try new things in order to find innovative solutions for our clients.

3. Most important attribute needed to do your job?

4. The biggest trend in your industry?
A united front – a combined communications and CSI department with shared objectives and vision. We have
also seen a shift in power from management to the consumer, who is demanding that brands act responsibly.

5. How will you make an impact in your industry?
We have a unique offering that combinesbrand building, driving sales anddoing good in everything that we do.
Our vision is to change the business landscape by creating a community of social change organisations that dogood while doing well.

6. How do you inspire others?
I have a very laissez faire leadership style and try to lead by example by treating all stakeholders with empathy
and respect.

7. What inspires you?
The outdoors; people who live life differently, travel, South Africanisms and new experiences.

8. What are you reading for work?
I am loving LinkedIn at the moment and all the customised content that comes into my newsfeed.

9. Your life philosophy?
To do good, while doing well.

10. At the top of my bucket list is…
Until recently it was to start a marketing agency (which I’ve done!), but now I really want to cross the Okavango
Delta using three different means oftravel: hiking, horseback and makoro(canoe).

– The New Age (Media &Marketing); 30 October 2013

TNA Media&Marketing Page 30 Oct 2013