How we successfully encouraged more than 250 000 men to learn their HIV status.


The Anova Health Institute, an NGO with a specific focus on HIV, asked marketing agency dotGOOD to conceptualise and manage a campaign that would encourage South African men living in disadvantaged communities in Gauteng to get tested for HIV.

After thorough research and consultation, we devised strategic marketing solutions that would redefine current testing campaign norms.

Although an estimated 14% of all sexually active South African men are HIV positive, traditional HIV testing methods, such as mobile testing and health days, have had limited success in attracting this target market.

Knowing one’s status empowers individuals to make the right choices to prolong their lives, yet approximately 60% of men do not have this vital information.

In partnership with the Gauteng Department of Health and the Johannesburg Health District, we established a series of semipermanent pop-up stores called Score4Life, which were branded to offer a sophisticated, masculine environment.

We had identified queuing as a pain point, so the Score4Life pop-ups are equipped with a consultation waiting room offering hot and cold drinks as well as free Wi-Fi. Well-trained, professional staff ensure that clients don’t have to wait long to receive free, safe and confidential HIV testing. A qualified nurse is also able to issue free antiretroviral medication, successfully linking those identified as positive to treatment.

Score4Life testing centres operate during convenient hours at 16 central locations across Johannesburg and Sedibeng. To date, thanks to dotGOOD’s impact marketing, they have tested more than 250 000 men for HIV.


  • Conceptualisation
  • Design
  • Partner negotiation
  • Execution/Logistics
  • Marketing communication
  • Procurement
  • Reporting


  • Develop an HIV-testing platform targeted at men that delivers a positivity yield of at least 5%.


  • One of South Africa’s most successful social responsibility campaigns, delivering the country’s highest HIV-test numbers.


“The Anova Health Institute’s Score4Life campaign, supported by the Johannesburg Health District, has proven to be the most successful NGO intervention in identifying HIV-positive men in South Africa.”

– uChief magazine




“I can confidently recommend the professional, creative and accommodating dotGOOD team – they go above and beyond, no matter the task.”

Nicola Hickman

– Former Incolabs Brand Manager

“An energetic, creative team that delivers.”

Rehana Moolla

– Croxley Brand Manager

“Through ongoing tailored messaging, dotGOOD has given our initiative a strong advocacy voice and increased the visibility of our work.”

Stasha Jordan

– South African Breastmilk Reserve Executive Director

“We choose to work with dotGOOD because of their expertise in sustainability and their unique ability to reach commercial objectives.”

Joanne Esterhuizen

– Hi-Tec Sports Marketing Director

“The dotGOOD team have proven their dedication to innovation, creativity and doing good.”

Jayantha Naidoo

– Nedbank Sponsorship Events Manager