We developed and designed maps to promote healthy pursuits and reposition Gauteng as an appealing destination for locals and international tourists.


The Gauteng Department of Tourism wanted to position the province as more than the business hub of South Africa. To promote the natural beauty, geological and prehistoric attractions, as well as sites of recent and contemporary historical significance, the idea of route maps was conceived.

The intention was to drive business and job creation in the tourism industry, and to encourage locals to explore their “own backyard” and tourists to visit, while educating both groups. dotGOOD researched and conceptualised 10 routes and recommended 150 curated tourist sites and attractions to be included.

We then drew on our experience in using multifunction graphic design for social change to develop enticing layouts that would excite users and get them to explore the routes. Using the narrative content structure we developed for this project, our content team gathered information and created engaging copy for the storyline of each conceptual route, meeting the knowledge-sharing requirement and piquing the user’s curiosity to inspire action. 

After final editing and approval, we prepared the maps for media publication and production.

This project illustrates the coordination role we often assume for clients who don’t have the capacity for 360-degree managed production of sophisticated, consumer-oriented collateral. 

Through our passion to create positive social change we have become experts in marketing for NGOs, government and social enterprises. We can assist with all communication and coordination needs for full-service, below-the-line marketing and launches.


  • Conceptualisation
  • Design
  • Copywriting


  • Create and develop the layout and narrative content structure for 10 tourism routes and attractions in Gauteng.


  • We developed appealing route maps to encourage locals and international visitors to explore sites of interest, fostering healthy pursuits while repositioning the province as a destination with intriguing history and natural beauty.




“I can confidently recommend the professional, creative and accommodating dotGOOD team – they go above and beyond, no matter the task.”

Nicola Hickman

– Former Incolabs Brand Manager

“An energetic, creative team that delivers.”

Rehana Moolla

– Croxley Brand Manager

“Through ongoing tailored messaging, dotGOOD has given our initiative a strong advocacy voice and increased the visibility of our work.”

Stasha Jordan

– South African Breastmilk Reserve Executive Director

“We choose to work with dotGOOD because of their expertise in sustainability and their unique ability to reach commercial objectives.”

Joanne Esterhuizen

– Hi-Tec Sports Marketing Director

“The dotGOOD team have proven their dedication to innovation, creativity and doing good.”

Jayantha Naidoo

– Nedbank Sponsorship Events Manager