Find Your Purpose dotGOOD

Finding your Purpose, Passion and Profit

Michael Baretta shares his personal story of how he found his WHY and built a business from it. He will also give you a couple of tools as to how your organisation can also find yours.


Compostable bags versus paper. Imported organic veg versus locally grown. The shopping aisles present myriad options for environmentally conscious consumers – but are South Africans making the right choices, and how easy is it to do so?

The importance of purpose

In order to truly be a key differentiator, an organisation’s purpose needs to be deeply embedded in its DNA.

What exactly is cause marketing?

At dotGOOD, we believe that marketing has to build brands, drive sales and do good at the same time.

Shared value: the real value proposition

Leveraging shared value, an idea formulated by two of the world’s most influential strategists and thought leaders.

The role business must play in South Africa

Businesses are being called to lead the change and lead with ethical purpose. If they do, consumers will support them.