An important aspect of our marketing communication plan for your brand or cause is exposure in the media. We do whatever it takes to deliver a minimum return on investment of four times advertising value estimate.



There is no doubt that media exposure increases public awareness and understanding of an organisation’s activities, culture, values and product.

Broadcast, print and online coverage is essential to any communication strategy. At dotGOOD exposure and publicity form an intrinsic part of our strategy for your brand.

Our specialist journalists and copywriters generate quality content that media houses pick up. (Click here to read more about our content creation.)

We leverage our close media relations to ensure we deliver the earned exposure and publicity that is critical to our communication strategies in order to build the brands we work with and drive the desired behaviour change.


We are an output-focused agency and have developed a credit system of billing to eradicate unnecessarily large retainer fees. dotGOOD’s clients may select any number of PR credits, depending on budget, to be spent throughout the year. Each credit includes:

  • Media release writing
  • Distribution
  • Interview/information liaison
  • Media tracking
  • Reporting

We create a year plan and plot the media releases at the beginning of the contract. This plan is dynamic – we track coverage as the year progresses, adapting the media plan as necessary for the duration of the contract.





The importance of purpose

In order to truly be a key differentiator, an organisation’s purpose needs to be deeply embedded in its DNA.

What exactly is cause marketing?

At dotGOOD, we believe that marketing has to build brands, drive sales and do good at the same time.

Shared value: the real value proposition

Leveraging shared value, an idea formulated by two of the world’s most influential strategists and thought leaders.

The role business must play in South Africa

Businesses are being called to lead the change and lead with ethical purpose. If they do, consumers will support them.