The importance of purpose

February 8, 2021 | Posted By [dot]GOOD

In order to truly be a key differentiator, an organisation’s purpose needs to be deeply embedded in its DNA.

Positive brand association creates relevance, builds positive emotional connections with consumers, creates a point of difference and motivates staff.


To gain new customers and build deeper connections with current consumers, a business needs a clear purpose for operating. And in order to truly be a key differentiator, the organisation’s purpose needs to be deeply embedded in its DNA or brand culture. That purpose should be experienced at every touchpoint, both internally and externally.

It’s important to communicate purpose in such a way that all stakeholders are aware of what the business stands for and its authentic, impactful role in society.

This influential role allows an organisation to grow its business and, simultaneously, positively impact the world, particularly as consumers now seek out brands with a deeper purpose. Consumers don’t want to feel that they are simply buying a product, they also want to feel that they are buying into an idea. They want to feel that by supporting a particular brand or company, they are making a difference and helping to improve the lives of their fellow South Africans.

As we consider the scale of change that Covid-19 has caused – and will continue to cause in the years ahead – an imminent restructuring of the global economic order is on the horizon. In essence, this crisis will not only reveal threats to a business and its operations, it will also reveal opportunities to improve the performance and impact of companies and organisations.

Notes: Purchasing decisions are not rational; the part of the brain that makes these decisions (the limbic brain) doesn’t understand language, only feeling.

Watch Simon Sinek: Start with Why and The Celery Test: Put your Why into Action.

The above article was first published on BizCommunity. Read the full article, Marketing to the Post-lockdown Consumer, here.

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