September 5, 2020 | Posted By [dot]GOOD

Clever solutions that build brands, drives sales and do good all at the same time.

President Cyril Ramaphosa confirms that the country is facing a stark reality: our economy has not grown at any meaningful rate for more than a decade. This means times are going to get tougher and, in business, the first department to feel the sting of cutbacks is often Marketing.

Many brands are taking this in their stride with a more sustainable approach to cutting costs while building consumer support, reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their impact.

We need to do good for our business, our people and our planet. Luckily, doing good is very good for business – it has been proven that businesses with a clearly defined purpose grow three times faster than their competitors.

Here are three ways to do more with less in marketing.


Not only do brands have a legal and ethical obligation to give back, associating your company with a great cause will also help consumers to see your brand in a more positive light.

We have many pressing causes for brands to champion in South Africa. By aligning your marketing and CSI strategies you can build trust and brand love, drive sales and do good, all at the same time. After all, everyone wants South Africa to become a better place to live in. An added bonus is that you could potentially earn B-BBEE points.


Traditional marketing can be incredibly wasteful and is frowned upon by today’s climate-conscious consumer, who disapproves of such shameless promotion.

Marketers need to be asking the right questions. Do we want to be handing out leaflets or balloons that are wasteful and harmful to the environment at our events or should our brand invest in reusable and sustainable collateral instead?


Seventy-one percent of consumers would help a brand promote their product if they had a partnership with a relevant cause.

Brands should not underestimate what activists can do; they are often an undervalued resource. If you can get a passionate activist on your side, they’ll do the shouting for you. Their scope of influence and social media following may be far more tailored and useful than any paid advertising.

There is an unmistakable purity to what an activist says. Their passion and authenticity is far more convincing than another ad from a company telling consumers to “buy now”.

Reduced marketing budgets do not have to mean a smaller impact. Since 2013 dotGOOD has been delivering clever solutions that build brands, drive sales and do good, all at the same time.

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