dotGOOD is a leading for-good marketing and brand activation agency. We exist to conceptualise and deliver audacious, purpose-driven campaigns that engage and influence hearts and minds, improve our world and exceed expectations. Since 2013, we have been producing world-class, strategic, results-focused activations and other below-the-line marketing solutions.



At dotGOOD we leverage our expertise and insight to design and execute strategic, purpose-led campaigns. These make a difference, build brands and deliver a measurable ROI for NGOs, foundations, social enterprises and businesses wanting to do good while doing well.



As a leading social marketing agency, we specialise in mission-driven solutions. Motivated by our passion to do good, we develop world-class yet locally relevant, insight-driven promotions and activations that inspire action and create a lasting social impact. We believe there is no better legacy.



One of our points of difference is the unique community we’ve built through our widely respected work. We harness this to create mutually beneficial partnerships to optimise our for-good activations, achieving recognition for brands, NGOs, foundations and social enterprises through industry-leading solutions that create a better society and increase profits. This community includes a wide range of industry and in-the-field experts.



dotGOOD is a team of passionate and professional cause marketers. We are a group of accomplished professionals who are driven by a deeper purpose: to use our talents to pursue the greater good, at the same time delivering exceptional work for our clients and partners. While creating excellent, award-winning work, we get to live our values and to have fun doing it. We all have personal causes we support, but that doesn’t stop us getting fired up about what we can do to bring yours to life.




Our holistic marketing strategies create a sustainable advantage while promoting organisations and brands, delivering a higher ROI and making a positive impact.

Story-telling that taps into emotions is a means of cultivating empathy and is the most powerful way to persuade people to step closer to a brand or a cause.

As South Africa’s leading for-good brand activation company, we have delivered a return on investment of up to 3 000% for our clients.

Whatever the need, from branded merchandise to point-of-sale material, we have a creative solution for every procurement requirement.

Done correctly, social media campaigns can change behaviour and perceptions, challenge norms and inspire consumer loyalty by extending the organic and promoted reach of your messaging.

An important aspect of our marketing communication plan is exposure in the media. We do whatever it takes to deliver a minimum return on investment of four times advertising value estimate.