How we introduced more than 22 000 women to a solution for healthier living, encouraged 13 000 to trial the product and alerted almost 1 300 to the threat posed by their high blood-sugar readings.



Imagine being able to make a change that saves countless lives.

In early 2020, 4.5-million South Africans were diabetic, a condition that can cause stroke, heart, hypertensive and renal disease.

According to the last Stats SA figures released, diabetes is the leading cause of death for South African women.

Type 2 diabetes represents 90% of all cases, but frequently goes undiagnosed. Shockingly, it is largely preventable.

With only 2 kilojoules per teaspoon, Canderel does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels. It can be substituted teaspoon for teaspoon for sugar, with no loss of sweetness or flavour.

Targeting the nurturers of families and those most vulnerable to the condition, we set out to develop ethical strategies for activations that would launch a new 50-tablet sachet and 20-stick pack while educating at-risk women aged 25 to 50 about the benefits of a healthy diet and of using Canderel instead of sugar.

To meet them where they would be most receptive and to drive conversion, we organised community-centric outdoor brand activations at church functions, fun runs/walks and in-store, where those who purchased selected packs had a chance to win instant prizes.

We also partnered with the Department of Health to gain access to polyclinics, where we educated patients on the risks of a high-sugar diet and administered blood-glucose tests to almost 5 000 women. (More than 1 000 were referred for treatment.)

At all events we served tea and coffee sweetened with Canderel, proving that being healthy does not need to impact sweetness and taste.

dotGOOD engaged and built relationships with local doctors and distributed branded elements to create awareness of sugar-free alternatives.


  • Conceptualisation
  • Design
  • Partner negotiation
  • Execution/Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Marketing communication
  • Reporting


  • Conceptualise a launch campaign for the new 50-tablet sachet and 20-stick packs.
  • Educate consumers on the dangers of excessive sugar use while introducing the product.


  • 22 105 individuals engaged and 13 159 teas and coffees containing the product served.
  • 4 833 patients’ blood-sugar levels tested and 1 293 of these referred for further treatment.

The importance of below-the-line marketing and advertising lies in meaningful brand interactions that build visibility and trust.




“An energetic, creative team that delivers.”

Rehana Moolla

– Croxley Brand Manager

“Through ongoing tailored messaging, dotGOOD has given our initiative a strong advocacy voice and increased the visibility of our work.”

Stasha Jordan

– South African Breastmilk Reserve Executive Director

“We choose to work with dotGOOD because of their expertise in sustainability and their unique ability to reach commercial objectives.”

Joanne Esterhuizen

– Hi-Tec Sports Marketing Director

“The dotGOOD team have proven their dedication to innovation, creativity and doing good.”

Jayantha Naidoo

– Nedbank Sponsorship Events Manager

““I can confidently recommend the professional, creative and accommodating dotGOOD team – they go above and beyond, no matter the task.””

Rehana Moolla

– Nedbank Sponsorship Events Manager