Done correctly, social media campaigns can change behaviour and perceptions, drive sales, challenge norms and inspire consumer loyalty by extending the organic and promoted reach of your messaging.


dotGOOD specialises in creating behaviour-changing social media plans with content that captures attention and spreads awareness about the impact you are having on society.

We do this by working with you to set clear objectives upfront around what you want to achieve. We determine the audience you’re targeting and research the type of content they enjoy and the platform where they are consuming this content.

We devise a flexible social media plan for before, during and after the activation, and strategise interactive content that will encourage engagement. Often, this includes partnerships with influencers aligned with your philosophy and values. Such partnerships serve to further amplify the message, always with the aim of encouraging social change. We also research and apply the most relevant hashtags, as well as advertising and boosting strategies, to maximise reach.

Content is then created that amplifies the good you do and drives conversion. This consists of planned posts, as well as real-time content.


Social media allows institutions and brands to interact with audiences where they consume content. Synergy between the content and the values of the target market builds a supporter base, while raising awareness of your brand and your cause. This maximises the positive impact you’re having on the world, while at the same time boosting sales of your product or uptake of your service. It is an essential component of any marketing and advertising communications plan. The social media content plan forms part of our measurable communication strategy for your service or brand.

Based on the strategy we identify, social media posts can be developed for various platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp




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